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I think I'm about done.

So, last wipe, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I struggled until I got to about level 35ish, but eventually I got my bitcoin farm going (not full 50 GPU) and my booze generator going, and I was making some decent rubles.
I could buy decent gear, the scopes I wanted, the ammo I liked (which was rarely m995,7n37, or m61, btw). And then I could go in raid, do my quests, find items, kill players, take their stuff and leave. Or, I could die and lose all my gear, and it would sting, but not break me. But when I did raids, I almost ALWAYS stayed until <10 minutes remaining, sometimes even getting out with spare seconds left. Yes, by about level 45, I eventually started making more money than I could spend, but ONLY after 50 GPU's in the BC farm and booze generator combined.
Now this wipe, instead of enjoying the raids, I'm getting frustrated trying to find progression halting items. Then, when I do find them, I'm STRONGLY encouraged to turtle up, hide until the coast is clear behind counters or in bushes, then extract at 10:01. I'm also having to buy expensive weapons like SVD's to finish quests, which I had to do last wipe too, but my rouble flow was much much higher.
I can kill a 3 man squad, and make 200k, because their armor was zero'd out and too high cost to repair and their guns with all their fancy attachments are worth 75k. Or, I can die and lose about that much. There is no real risk/reward any more.
Then, when I'm having a particularly bad day dying, I can't even lean back on looting stuff like factory keys and fuel conditioners now, AND WHAT LITTLE BIT OF FIR I SELL HAS ATROCIOUS FEES. I sold 3 packs of bolts for 14k ea and the fee was 12k.
It's like BSG isn't even trying to micro adjust the game to dial back the ruble flow. Instead it's full on scorched earth. Only the people with the absolute best combat skills or the most time to rat around have the ability to make any decent money.
On top of that, I'm level 33 and JUST got my last FIR flash drive. I have crashed against the rocks to the tune of MILLIONS trying to get a LEDX and 3 FIR graphics cards from Interchange, thanks to RNG. I can't even start Shooter Born In Heaven, and I would be 3/4 done with it by now if I had it 10 levels ago.
I'm sure* 3/4 of the subreddit will come by to tell me to quit crying, git gud, it's hardcore, roubles are easy to make, its a BETA, etc..
Well here's my Beta feedback. The game isn't fun when I lose every ruble I scrape up trying to do quests with specific gun/armor requirements and finding FIR items in hotspots, and hiding to avoid losing those items, all while BSG -heavily- deflates the economy and punishes rule obeying players in the name of stamping out RMT.
*Left out a word.
Edit: let me just say, I don’t mean this as a personal attack towards Nikita or the other devs. It’s simply just my experience, and my thoughts. I don’t have answers on how to make the perfect balances and compromises, or fixes on RMT etc.
I just wish it had been publicized ahead of time, something like “Okay guys, next wipe we’re gonna experiment with making it real hard.”
Also I’ve gotten a lot of responses saying “you’re not supposed to run the best gear every raid.” And my reply is, my standard kit is a Vepr KM, 6B23 armor, a Ratnik helmet, and comtacs, with self made BP ammo from the hideout. I’ve just recently started adding TV10 armor rigs into the mix. I’m not a META player who has to have iglonik or M995 every raid. I’m not trying to say I want to do that either.
For one CONSTRUCTIVE bit, I feel like items should have two different FIR tags. One for flea/resell, one for quests, and the quest one staying if you died with it. That would make life better to me and to a very large population of power players.
Also, between FIR changes, reduced loot spawns, increased flea fees, reduced trader sell prices, any 1-2 of those are survivable but all of them together, with more to come I'm sure, are crushing. That's all I'm saying.
EDIT Again : I just saw what Jaegers giving for guns. THAT is nice. That makes up a little bit for the stuff like fuel conditioners.
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Curiosity/Motivation/Logic and why stablecoins are the future

From the Prohashing mining pool forums, at

In my last post, I showed why my confidence in there being more than one more bubble is too low to justify remaining heavily invested in cryptocurrencies. In this article I want to expand upon that reasoning by talking a little bit about human factors that lead me to believe that stablecoins pose a great risk to traditional cryptocurrencies.
Defining CML
People differ in a number of ways, and they express all sorts of personality traits. However, in my interactions with people in all areas of life, I've noticed that one characteristic seems to differentiate people more than any other. I'll refer to this characteristic as "CML" throughout the rest of this post, as the best way I was able to describe it is a sequence of curiosity, motivation, and logic. People who exhibit this trait use those three steps to evaluate and act when faced with most situations, while people who do not exhibit this trait fail to do so. An overwhelming majority of people do not possess the "CML" trait and its absence increasingly hinders their abilities to understand and succeed in the world as technology and social structures become increasingly complex.
Here are a few examples of common scenarios people face in life.
When presented with new information or with a decision, high-CML people are curious about how things work. They are motivated to learn more about the topic. They use logic to think through why things are they way they are, and arrive at a logical conclusion based upon the new knowledge they gained by being curious and motivated. In contrast, when low-CML people are presented with new information or a decision, they lack the curiosity and motivation to improve their knowledge, and often do what is most common in society.
You can tell that a person is low-CML if he says phrases like "that's dumb," "you're weird," or "because I don't like it." The response in some forums where I reposted the last post about bubbles and the singularity was met by many low-CML people stating it was "insane" or "delusional." High-CML people but who disapprove of something would instead say "that point is wrong because..." The first phrases demonstrate a lack of thought about the topic, while the last shows that the person spent some time considering the topic, even though they both come to the same conclusion. You can probably picture several people you know who are low-CML, and may know someone who is high-CML.
CML is not related to intelligence, and low-CML people are not dumb. While there are some people who unfortunately have severe disabilities and will never be able to understand most topics, 99% of people can gain enough knowledge of almost any topic to make good decisions if they are willing to spend a little energy on learning about it. Even complex topics, like computer programming, are within reach of most people. While learning how to avoid race conditions in Javascript is a challenge, it's not difficult to understand the difference between a client and a server, how a single core processor differs from a quad-core processor, or that a computer consists of memory and a CPU and a hard drive. Consider how many people spend 12 hours a day looking at their phone screens, but have never bothered to understand what the purpose of graphics processor is.
Low-CML people innately believe that they do not have the ability to learn or think logically. Therefore, they take the easiest way out on almost everything, even though that repeatedly leads to suboptimal outcomes for them. They make the same mistakes over and over, despite the fact that there is almost always a way to put in 5% more effort to get out something that is 50% better.
The world's problems
As technology continues to advance at an ever increasing pace, CML is becoming the core trait that divides humanity. Increasingly, people are becoming divided into two camps - those who understand the basics of how computers work, and those who do not. And the difference between people who understand the basics is not intelligence, education, or age, but whether a person is low-CML or high-CML.
At the core of most of the political issues of today is a battle between low-CML people who believe they are powerless against technological change, and high-CML people who take the time to understand these changes. Trump, Johnson, and (to a lesser extent so far) Le Pen have been effective at rallying people who do not exhibit the curiosity to learn about why the world is the way it is. Their opponents are people who have put careful thought into the issues and come to a reasoned belief.
Unfortunately, the number of people who are motivated to learn new information and remain informed in the world is far lower than the number of people who never examine the reasons why anything is true. One of the reasons why fake news is so prevalent and effective is apparently because many people share articles after having only read the headline. The politicians above recognize this low motivation to read the article and create false soundbytes that they know low-CML people will not take the time to fact-check.
An enormous amount of effort is now being spent on making products inferior to what they used to be to cater to low-CML people. For example, when Windows boots, in 1995 there used to be a list of the drivers being loaded. Then, in 2005 there was a progress bar. Now, there's a spinning or pulsing Windows logo with no information indicating what is happening at all. Even though these changes didn't affect the stability of Windows or the load time in any way, Microsoft hid useful information, probably because a marketing department found that low-CML people had a negative reaction to seeing code they said was "nerdy" or "weird."
How CML relates to cryptocurrencies
Now that you're aware of what CML is, it should be easy to explain why I believe that stablecoins are the first real threat to cryptocurrency.
In a recent conversation, I discussed with someone. I had mentioned that my Purse orders were being regularly filled at 33% discounts, and that I had saved about $3000 during the past year by using Purse. I asked why he hadn't used Purse, given that he earned much less than I did and that $3000 to him would be life changing. His response was immediate and typical of a low-CML person: because bitcoins have too much volatility. I explained to him that volatility isn't a factor because you can buy the amount of bitcoin cash you need, send it to Purse, and spend it immediately, all within 10 minutes. The next response was that there were crashes in cryptocurrencies, so I pointed out that while that crashes did occur, it is extremely rare, if ever, that the price of bitcoin cash fell by 33% in 10 minutes - so even if there were a crash, you could still save money.
In the end, that person never did sign up for Purse - and that should be a huge warning flag to everyone. Purse is as close to a "killer app" for cryptocurrency as there ever will be. On bulk trash collection weekends near where I live, there are huge pickup trucks owned by people who supplement their income by driving hundreds of miles around the neighborhoods picking up metal to sell it at a few cents per pound to a scrapyard, costing hundreds of dollars in gas and maintenance to scrape out a miniscule profit. These same people could sign up for Purse and order necessities, like toothpaste and soap, saving more money in an hour than the few bucks they can make (and that's before taxes) in an entire night picking up trash, simply because they think Purse is too complicated.
The enormous discounts on Purse - the maximum of 33% - remain. In any efficient market, one would expect these discounts to decline to be close to what one can achieve by gaming the credit card system, where one can get 5% cash back on Amazon with some cards. The belief that cryptocurrency is too complicated and volatile is so anathema to low-CML people that they are willing to ignore thousands of dollars in savings because they aren't willing to try it and form their own opinions.
Why stablecoins will become dominant
Stablecoins are the exact type of product that appeals to low-CML people, because they are exactly the same thing as government-backed money is. They are just backed by corporations instead. Science fiction has, for 50 years, been predicting what is happening with stablecoins, where eventually corporations gain so much power that they buy entire planets and mine them for minerals. The only difference these authors failed to predict is that instead of employees of the huge corporations spending company scrip, they will be spending cryptocurrencies created by the companies. These stablecoins can be backed by more than one asset across a wide range of classes, such as gold, bitcoins, real estate, and other things, to prevent inflation or deflation better than today's currencies do.
One of the reasons why stablecoins will become dominant is that low-CML people aren't willing to question what money is backed by, as many cryptocurrency enthusiasts do, or learn about economics. They won't care that their money is backed by facebook instead of the United States. As long as it appears to be worth the same amount, that will be fine with them. They won't look into whether facebook actually is in good financial condition to back that promise, just as many people share headlines without even a cursory glance to see whether they have any possibility of being true.
Unbacked cryptocurrencies have turned into a circus. After an entire decade, they still aren't used for everyday purchases, and the volatility in the past week has been more ridiculous than ever. Low-CML people are not motivated to spend a few minutes learning about why these coins are valuable and useful. If they had been motivated, these markets wouldn't be in the absurd state they are in now.
In conclusion, I've had to change my outlook from years ago after realizing that stablecoins are likely to suck up most of the world's money over the next ten years. Unlike bitcoin, they are run by corporations that can make a profit by advertising the coins and getting people to use them. Low-CML people, who are the majority of people in society, follow what they are told without being willing to understand why they are told it. As the incredible Purse discounts show, low-CML people are so unwilling to understand existing coins that they will pay 50% more for some goods, just so they don't have to use bitcoin cash.
The existing cryptocurrencies will still be around, and they will still appreciate greatly in value from what they are worth now. But I now expect their usage to continue to be limited to speculation and trading. If 1% of the world has used bitcoins so far, then I doubt that more than 10% of the population will ever own unpegged coins, despite 100% of people eventually using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin will become an even more valuable currency, but it will not become the dominant currency for everyday use because low-CML people will not take the time to understand it.
If you are trying to predict the future value of bitcoins or litecoins, the most important statistic you should be evaluating is what you believe the percentage of high-CML people in the world is. Since almost all the people reading this article are high-CML (given its length and the uncommon opinions presented), and most high-CML people associate with like people, I think they overestimate the percentage of high-CML people in the world. My belief is that the percentage is less than 10%, which is why stablecoins will dominate and bitcoins are very unlikely to ever meet the seven-figure valuations some users are predicting.
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Monetary systems compared.

Gold Standard - Surplus value(purchasing power) gets transferred to the creditogold holding class via deflation. 95% of population in misery.
State Fiat Standard - Surplus value gets transferred to the state via inflation where it is squandered insuring the creditor class from losses and deadbeat class from having to work. 95% forced to work for decreasing purchasing power.
Bitcoin Standard - Surplus value gets transferred to miners/hoarders via deflation. Those without large stashes of bitcoins watch as prices for their goods decline, and the price of bitcoin rises. Hoarders and miners sit back getting rich. 95% in misery.
You people are so blinded by failed capitalist/gold/deflation/libertarian/statist economic principles you fail to even recognize what money is.
Exchanging labogoods/services for computer digits created by ATI graphics cards is not going to bring you freedom.
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[Table] IamA Game Developer - breaking away from AAA game freelancing to do Indie full time AMA!

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Date: 2014-03-04
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Questions Answers
Are you aware of the four guys further up the page who you're going up against? Am I screwed? haha.
Yup, I'm screwed, What If I dress up like GabeN?... Will that help??
What do you think of the trend of indie games having retro graphics? Love it, I really want to delve into it myself at some point :)
8Bit makes me feel warm and cozy :D.
As a fairly new software devleoper (22 years old, 1 year working experience) who is completing his bachelor of computing science degree next fall, what is the best way I can get my foot in the door with video game design and programming? It's something that has always interested me and I would love to get into the industry. Anything from what language(s) I should focus on learning (I know most AAA games use C++ for speed/efficiency) to what I should work on to build up my portfolio (small indie games etc.) to what design patterns/frameworks I should use in personal projects for practice (I'm most familiar with MVC, Domain Driven Design, and CQRS). Any advice would really help. Also: What did you enjoy most about doing AAA work? Why move to indie games? My biggest suggestion would be to grab Unity3d, Download some templates / pre-setup games... even buy some stuff and start changing it, altering it to do what you want, You'll become super familiar this way, you'll be able to skip all of the hard work of setting it up and move right into adjusting subtle gameplay things, and you will pick up SO much about how everything works as you poke around more. Doing AAA work is always rewarding just for the ego, yknow ;D Being able to be like "Yea, I worked on that, AND got paid well! boom!" buuut ask yourself... After 14 years of making art for "the highest bidder", would you want to start getting your own ideas into the market place? Probably :D Thats why i'm doing it... its more rewarding, like 1000x more rewarding.
Java / C# seems to be fairly common in games from what I know (im 99% artist, 1% coder, if that, hah)
How long did it take to grow such a glorious beard? Haven't been clean shaven for... 3 years? And I haven't really cut much off the beard for 9 months or more :)
You say you broke away from AAA game freelancing, what games were you a part of? Explain why I should support Ashen Rift over the next game. Yea, I've worked on tons of stuff, Sadly I am under extensive Non Disclosure Agreements which extend 3 years+... But if you play modern AAA FPS games, chances are very high that you've seen my stuff. Wish I could say more... Why Ashen Rift over another game?.. hmmm... Well, If you love oldschool shooters (q1, HL1 etc) and Slower games like Journey and want to see what happens when those sorts of experiences get blended then should be worth your time, for sure. Plus Bounder is a blast :D He really changes the vibe you get from within the game.
Remind me to ask you what games you helped with in 3 years time. :) exactly ;D
If applicable, what's the biggest challenge about finding outside talent to help with an indie game? (be it music, voices, modeling, etc..) I have tons of tallented friends and It was super easy for me...
I was able to take care of maybe 90% of development stuff, the audio and a bit of art was just a matter of asking some friends and they jumped on full force!
Only real trick was making sure their schedule worked with my deadlines... so they had to dedicate to make the kickstarter happen and so on. But it all worked out great... I work with awesome professional people so that makes life easy :D.
How the fuck do you get so much done in 5 months?!! I gave up on having a life and worked harder on this than I have on anything in my life... :D.
Well, I am impressed! I've been working on my own indie project since September 2013 and I haven't gotten nearly as far as you. I suppose a lot of it has to do with my choice of using XNA instead of Unity3d. oh yeah, and trying to have a relationship also cuts into my dev time :P. Yeaaa, My Lady super eats into development time, but it's hard to complain ;D.
For someone with a BA in art and no programming experience, what would you consider the most important/effective things I could do to make my way into the world of game design? How did you find your way in? I want to create worlds for people to explore, but have been having a hard time getting started. Also, would you recommend starting big, like trying to get picked up by a firm, or going indie right away? Hey.
Rad, Just get Unity 3d, Start reverse engineering everyone elses projects on the asset store, Cut/paste/merge/adjust everything until it suits your needs, You will learn SO MUCH by doing this.
As someone who wants to get into the industry after college, would you recommend working with an Indie Developer Team? Or to work with a large company at first? Take whatever gig you can get and if you cannot get paying work, then get involved in a rad project that will prove your ability to put-things-in-a-game... that is king.. If you can do things in editor, in game, then you're instantly more employable than the guy who says he can but doesn't prove it.
1) I see you have "Oculus Rift Support" on your Kickstarter $250,000 stretch-goal. Have you had any experience with the Rift, and what do you think about the future of Virtual Reality? 2) I was just talking about this kind of thing with a friend, About the idea of allowing alternate controllers/control schemes. I'm going to have a HUGE testing program for Ashen Rift, already have some 300 people signed up for it, So this will give me an insight into problems, and on top of it all, I've been able to do some in person testing with some people, which helps me understand what I'm doing right and wrong... this also plays big time into the potential for an Oculus Rift build, since it changes gameplay so much!
I'm a 3rd year CS student and I've always had a passion for games as and had some ideas for my own but I'm not sure on how to get started. How did you learn to make game and what tools do you use? I learned by Diving in to games like quake 1 and HeXen, diving in to the level editors and replacing textures... That kept growing... One of the best learning experiences I have (and still to this day works well for me) is to take pre-existing art and improve it, change it or reverse engeneer it... Be it a particle emitter in unity or a script, Its how I learned with everything a long the way... I got to see how it was supposed to work right away, rather than trying to slowly get there on my own.
I use Zbrush, 3dsmax, Unity3d and Photoshop.
How many people do you think is ideal to work on an indie game of this caliber? Thanks for posting, I used Unity for Ashen Rift.
Also, did you make your own game engine or did you use someone else's? (Unity, UDK, that sort of thing) Depends on the people, Theoretically If I had all the time in the world I could probably make this game myself, with little bits of outside help, But I want to raise money to expand the team... I would love to have 2 to 5 more full time employees to make this game happen a lot faster and better.
What languages do you like to use? Also (more general question) how easy is it to learn a second language after you've already learned one? I'm learning Java and would soon like to learn C++. Don't over think it :D Just do it! :D.
If you know one, you're better off to learn an other :)
I use either, because I barely know the difference, haha :D.
When you decided to sit down and make the game, is it because there mechanics/gameplay you wanted to present, or a story you wanted to tell? Also, nice beard. Good question... the driving force was the idea of the man and the dog in a quake 1 like shooter... the story evolved out of the art as it developed... the mechanics also came out of the art... it was like: Okay, quake 1 with a dog Okay, Ash covered world with a dog. Okay, Ash caused by rift in world... Dog named Bounder, close companion. And it just kept growing from there...
Awesome! It's always so jarring when a developer picks one too much over the other and things feel tacked on. If you've got that feel of everything being interconnected and the gameplay mechanics helping the story and the other way around? That's the best! Yea, I'm stoked on exactly that.
The simple 4 way dynamic to tell the story should work out really well!
What's your favorite game? Also, nice beard. Favorite game! Quake 1 all day long.
Thanks man, It just won't stop! :O.
Favorite Indie game? AAA game? Quake 1 for AAA and ummm Probably Journey for Indie.
Oh my god, I found out about this game last night. The idea seems amazing, I am going to back it next paycheck! You say it is a survival horror game, but what in the game contains the horror aspect? Like obviously the enemy could be considered scary, but will it have a tense, suspenseful atmosphere too? Absolutely, The game gets megga tense when you see a few enemies and you have no ammo. There will be some real "Wtf" moments in the story too, but I don't want to spoil anything... Everything will seem quite un-easy and potentially hostile.
Do you have any opinion of crypto-currencies? (i.e. bitcoin) I really want to look into making Ashen Rift accept Doge Coin... I mean... c'mon, right?...
I find that whole world staggeringly fascinating, Would love to learn more.
You said in the video that you will have to hire some people to do some of the advanced programming, what aspects of the game will not be programmed by you? Well, Id like to be more focused on the art and story, so perhaps the more I get, the more I can focus on that and just delegate the scripting/coding as needed.
I'm a terrible programmer, I'm VERY slow and need help with most of it.. So It would be nice to speed things up by getting somebody more competent to tackle... One thing that comes to mind is the ability to dump gasoline out... Would need "gasoline trail" of sorts, and then the ability to set it ablaze.. Something I could do eventually, but could be much easier and efficient if done by somebody else.
Can you give me a comparison of working from an AAA game to an indie game? Things like workload, stress etc? The Workload on Indie is 10x the work... But its 100x more rewarding.
Stress of meeting deadlines is the same I guess, But you always have the reward at the end of the day of doing something for yourself, not for your wallet... It really makes a difference in your overall well being and quality of life.
Are you a jack of all trades? Or do you work on specifics like models / shading? Or even the physics aspect? (Projectiles, player movement, etc) Jack of all trades, Art, scripts, anims, design, story, direction etc. :D
Aside from the obvious issue of money. What is the most difficult aspect of being an indie? Promotion! Being Seen... So many good games out there! so many talented teams! I'm just one guy right... So hard to be seen!
One more question, if I may: As a dev, if you worked on shootgun 2014 (feel free to steal the genius title), would you go out and shoot IRL guns? Or do you just program it until it feels "right"? I'm a bit of a redneck, I love shooting guns... ;D Just not at critters, cause, I love critters.
Have you participated in any in-person showcasing of your game? (IndieCade, etc...) I did a live demo at East Side Games during an IGDA meeting in Vancouver BC... It was SO worth going, Free to go and got SO much good feedback... I'll be going to Pax Prime If I can help it and am SO excited to get more player feedback in person. It's a good memory, its a good learning experience, its so rad. It's nice to see what players are seeing in your game, rather than what you hope they see... subtle sentence but lots of importance in it.
If so, how would you rate the value of doing so?
Any trouble finding the flame to keep going? 5 months is quite a while. Despite already having work professionally, where there any moments of being deflated or overwhelmed? Yea, I went full time on it... Had no money and my father died... So I gave up on the game for over a month.
I had TONS of support from reddit and other fans of Ashen Rift... My girlfriend kept us afloat financially and... yea, It was a pretty shitty time, but really the support from everyone, plus the death of my father really put a flame under my ass to just fucking do it... this was only 2 months ago ish... ung.. still super strange. Its always hard to do this sort of thing... But lifes getting better...
It seems like doing a live showcase requires so much confidence and preparation and frankly, experience already doing showcases. Would you have any tips for an idie with zero experience on how do one's first event? Ummm, Just know your game, know your goals and expect problems with your game... if you have bugs, they will appear during the live demo... And everyone is wayyy more forgiving than you would ever expect. Just setup, stand near your game and offer to let people play it, or answer any question :D You may get overwhelmed by handing out biz cards, answering questions or helping players tho, So BRING A MINION! :D
What is the hardest part about making a video game? Is it the coding difficulty, art creation or coming up with ideas? Ideas are easy, Coding for me is SO hard, and art is second nature... the hardest part is dedicating to it on your own to actually come through with executing your ideas.
A singer friend of mine once told me... "Don't write songs you cannot sing!"... its the same idea with games! "Don't write games you cannot develop!"
I'm in 2nd Comp Sci,how often do you use complex math algorithms? Do you have to have strong maths skills ? Zero math skills, Really I am an Entry level coder, I'm a grade 6 drop out, I'm lucky if I spell my own name right.
I did create a Calculus equation with the help of another coder to determine if the player was in front of the gun or not (sort of a cone of fire check).. If yes, fire. Thats about it, Thanks to Unity3d, almost everything else is taken care of or easy enough to hack together.
Do you like the evolution of the AAA FPS? Halo, CoD, BF, CS? Love it. Particularly love GOW and Halo, I just don't like how Sluggish console FPS games are, as well as how Insta-dead you are in modern shooters... I Like me a good duel like quake 1 and 3 ;D.
What's your advice for those looking to break into the industry in general? Make something playable if you're a coder, Make something and put it into a game if you're an artist... Actual in-game content proves sooo much more than any papers ever will.
If you ever make it big, do you plan to treat QA better then every single AAA studio does? How so? I'd love to be able to be the guy who provides other people with jobs, money, a good life, yknow. So any way I can help anyone out the better.
I have a relative that is an indie developer, he even made 2 game engines. But he does not seem to know how to polish his games at all, is relatively poor and does not want to have some middle man company dealing with his finances or QA. What do I tell my myopic relative? Thats Tough...
You've gotta give up your need for control eventually, It can hault a project, I've seen it 1000 times... Hes got to eventually get the outside help he needs to take it to 100% or sit down and do it himself... if not, it will (and it will) turn into a wasted effort...
What type of genre do you plan to develop? Please say RPG... We need more RPGs. I actually do have some rather rad RPG projects brewing in the back of my mind ;)
I'd love to do some larger Coop based games as well, An arena shooter would be beyond fun to develop as well.. ung tooo many ideas, I have plans for all of the above, Just a matter of which comes first! ;)
Just treat us like people, don't look down on us because we are QA. Couldn't agree more.
If you were an employee of mine, I'd be the coolest boss ever... Pretty sure anyway... :D maybe someday I'll have an army of QA guys... life would be good! :D.
What's a good way to break into being a voice actor for games? Get a good Mic, Get a quiet area to record and Put together a demo reel... From there, I would try and make friends with recording studio dudes, since they're likely to be the ones who need a "voice guy" on occasion.
What is it like working in AAA and with a publisher? Deadlines, Lots of deadlines... There's not much room for creativity... they hand you exact specifications and you have to re-produce it exactly...
I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to playing Ashen Rift on Steam! One more thing, if you had to chose one indie game to play for the rest of your life (not including your own), which one would it be? Ummm Perhaps Cortex Command, Because it's a sandbox, lots of carnage, super fun! You could waste a life time dicking around in that game.
What it's like knowing you're now part of the reason why the Video Game industry is dying? How on earth is that the case?...
We're going to need photo proof. Photo Proof?
I imagine that would be awesome! :-) In regards to the genre, why did you choose Horror, as that can be quite the alienating genre... I think it just came naturally, I love freaky monsters and the gameplay is rather slow paced at times... Its action, its survival horror... but above all Its a story... To my mind even quake 1 is a survival horror... I suppose I'm using the term loosely. ;)
Ashen Rift looks really nice. I'll probably back it. Keep up the good work man! Thanks for the kind words, You've made my day :)
What in your mind is the hardest part of being artist. What is the biggest challenge when working with non artistic people. Making sure you meet the contractors expectations... that can be tough, and the biggest challenge comes when Non Artists think they know whats cool, whats best, whats Ideal... Then it becomes a clash of experience and "make it more like this guy does it" hah.
A link to our kickstarter back in July last year: Link to Awesome man! project looks really well put together!!
our blog here :) Link to Any advice or media contacts that may have helped get you guys exposure? I'm struggling a bit to be seen.
I've been meaning to find the time and money to check out BC, haha. I guess around the same costs to live DT toronto. Any tips/advice would be amazing.
What's your favorite piece? Favorite piece of?
You suck, i thought you were gben for a moment, sorry! How does it feel to know that yuou're posting your ama right before gaben should be doing his? HAHA :D perhaps its super good timing? :D.
I can pretend to be Gaben? :D.
We shall call you GabeN Jr. Deal. I'll start on HL3 tonight if that helps.
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