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Here is how to play the altcoin game - for newbies & champs

I have been here for many previous altcoin seasons (2013,2017 etc) and wanted to share knowedle. It's a LOOONG article.
The evaluation of altcoins (i.e not Bitcoin) is one of the most difficult and profitable exercises. Here I will outline my methodology and thinking but we have to take some things as a given. The first is that the whole market is going up or down with forces that we can't predict or control. Bitcoin is correlated with economic environments, money supply increases, safe havens such as Gold, hype and country regulations. This is an impossible mix to analyze and almost everyone fails at it. That's why you see people valuing Bitcoin from $100 to $500k frequently. Although I am bullish on the prospects of Bitcoin and decentralization and smart contract platforms, this is not the game I will be describing. I am talking about a game where you try to maximize your BTC holdings by investing in altcoins. We win this game even if we are at a loss in fiat currency value. To put it another way:
If you are not bullish in general on cryptocurrencies you have no place in investing or trading cryptocurrencies since it's always a losing proposition to trade in bubbles, a scientifically proven fact. If on the other hand you are then your goal is to grow your portfolio more than you would if holding BTC/ETH for example.

Bitcoin is the big boy

How the market works is not easily identifiable if you haven't graduated from the 2017 crypto university. When there is a bull market everything seems amazingly profitable and things keep going up outgrowing Bitcoin by orders of magnitude and you are a genius. The problem with this is that it only works while Bitcoin is going up a little bit or trades sideways. When it decides to move big then altcoins lose value both on the way up and on the way down. The second part is obvious and proven since all altcoins from 2017 are at a fraction of their BTC value (usually in the range of 80% or more down). Also, when BTC is making a big move upwards everyone exits altcoins to ride the wave. It is possible that the altcoin market behaves as an inversed leveraged ETF with leakage where in a certain period while Bitcoin starts at 10k and ends at 10k for example, altcoins have lost a lot of value because of the above things happening.

We are doing it anyway champ!

OK so we understand the risks and just wanna gambol with our money right? I get it. Why do that? Because finding the ideal scenario and period can be extremely profitable. In 2017 several altcoins went up 40x more than BTC. But again, if you don't chose wisely many of them have gone back to zero (the author has first hand experience in this!), they have been delisted and nobody remembers them. The actual mentality to have is very important and resembles poker and other speculative games:
A certain altcoin can go up in value indefinitely but can only lose it's starting investment. Think about it. You either lose 1 metric or gain many many more. Now that sounds amazing but firstly as we said we have the goal to outperform our benchmark (BTC) and secondly that going up in value a lot means that the probability is quite low. There is this notion of Expected Value (EV) that poker players apply in these kind of situations and it goes like that. If you think that a certain coin has a probability let's say 10% to go up 10X and 90% probability it goes to zero it's an even bet. If you think that probability is 11% then it's a good bet, a profitable bet and you should take it. You get the point right? It's not that it can only go 10X or 0X, there is a whole range of probability outcomes that are too mathematical to explain here and it doesn't help so much because nobody can do such analysis with altcoins. See below on how we can approximate it.

How to evaluate altcoins

A range of different things to take into account outlined below will form our decision making. Not a single one of them should dictate 100% of our strategy.


It's all about market cap. Repeat after me. The price of a coin doesn't mean anything. Say it 10 times until you believe it. I can't remember how many times I had conversations with people that were comparing coins using their coin price instead of their market cap. To make this easy to get.
If I decide because the sky is blue to make my coin supply 100 Trillion FoolCoins with a price of $0.001 and there is another WiseCoin with a supply of 100 Million and price of $1 then FoolCoins are more expensive. - Alex Fin's Cap Law

Fundamental analysis

This is done usually in the stock world and it means that each company has some fundamental value that includes it's assets, customers, growth prospects, sector prospects and leadership competence but mostly centered in financial measures such as P/E ratios etc. Valuation is a proper economic discipline by itself taught in universities. OK, now throw everything out of the window!.
This kind of analysis is impossible in vague concepts and innovations that are currently cryptocurrencies. Ethereum was frequently priced at the fictional price of gas when all financial systems on earth run on the platform after decades (a bit of exaggeration here). No project is currently profitable enough to justify a valuation multiple that is usually equal to P/E in the thousands or more. As such we need to take other things into account. What I do is included in the list below:

Relative valuation

One of my favorite ways to value altcoins that is based on the same principle in the stock market is to look at peers and decide what is the maximum cap it can grow to. As an example you take a second layer Ethereum solution that has an ICO and you want to decide if you will enter or not. You can take a look at other coins that are in the same business and compare their market caps. Thinking that your coin will outperform by a lot the top coins currently is overly optimistic so I usually take a lower valuation as a target price. If the initial offering is directly implying a valuation that is more than that then there is no room to grow according to my analysis and I skip it. Many times this has proven me wrong because it's a game theory problem where if many people think irrationally in a market it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But since there is opportunity cost involved, in the long run, getting in initial offerings that have a lot of room to grow will pay off as a strategy.

Sector prospects

In 2017 the sexiest sector was platforms and then coins including privacy ones. Platforms are obviously still a highly rated sector because everything is being built on them, but privacy is not as hot as it used to be. In 2018 DEXes were all they hype but still people are massively using centralized exchanges. In 2020 Defi is the hottest sector and it includes platforms, oracles and Defi projects. What I am saying is that a project gets extra points if it's a Defi one in 2020 and minus points if it's a payment system that will conquer the world as it was in 2017 because that's old news. This is closely related to the next section.


Needless to say that the crypto market is a worse FOMO type of inexperienced trigger happy yolo investors , much worse than the Robinhood crowd that drove a bankrupt company's stock 1200% after they declared bankruptcy. The result is that there are numerous projects that are basically either vaporware or just so overhyped that their valuation has no connection to reality. Should we avoid those kind of projects? No and I will explain why. There are many very good technically projects that had zero hype potential due to incompetent marketing departments that made them tank. An example (without shilling because I sold out a while back) is Quantum Resistant Ledger. This project has amazing quantum resistant blockchain, the only one running now, has a platform that people can build tokens and messaging systems and other magnificent stuff. Just check how they fared up to now and you will get the point. A project *needs* to have a hype factor because you cannot judge it as normal stocks that you can do value investing like Warren Buffet does where a company will inevitable post sales and profitability numbers and investors will get dividends. Actually the last sentence is the most important: No dividends. Even projects that give you tokens or coins as dividends are not real dividends because if the coin tanks the value of the dividend tanks. This is NOT the case with company stocks where you get dollars even if the company stock tanks. All that being said, I would advice against betting on projects that have a lot of hype but little substance (but that should be obvious!).

How to construct your portfolio

My strategy and philosophy in investing is that risk should be proportional to investment capital. That means that if you are investing 100K in the crypto market your portfolio should be very different than someone investing 1K because 10% annual gains are nothing in the latter while they are very significant in the former. Starting from this principle each individual needs to construct a portfolio according to how much risk he wants to take. I will emphasize two important concepts that play well with what I said. In the first instance of a big portfolio you should concentrate on this mantra: "Diversification is the only free meal in finance". In the case of a small portfolio then this mantra is more important: "Concentrate to create wealth, diversify to maintain wealth". Usually in a big portfolio you would want to hold some big coins such as BTC and ETH to weather the ups and downs explained in previous paragraphs while generating profits and keep progressively smaller parts of your portfolio for riskier investments. Maybe 50% of this portfolio could be big caps and 10% very risky initial offerings. Adapting risk progressively to smaller portfolios makes sense but I think it would be irrational to keep more than 30% of a portfolio no matter what tied to one coin due to the very high risk of bankruptcy.


The altseason is supposedly coming every 3 months. Truth is that nobody can predict it but altcoins can be profitable no matter what. Forget about maximalists who are stuck in their dogmas. Altcoins deliver different value propositions and it makes sense because we are very far from a situation where some project offers everything like Amazon and we wouldn't even want that in the first place since we are talking about decentralization and not a winner takes all and becomes a monster kind of scenario! Some last minute advice:
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Weekly Update: Parachute Townhall, Welcome $GET to ParJar, Uptrennd reaches 50k members, Fantom on IncognitoChain... – 6 Dec - 12 Dec'19

Weekly Update: Parachute Townhall, Welcome $GET to ParJar, Uptrennd reaches 50k members, Fantom on IncognitoChain... – 6 Dec - 12 Dec'19
Hi Parachuters! As part of 2 of 3 from today's rapid catch up series of pending updates, here’s your week at Parachute + partners (6 Dec - 12 Dec'19):

As mentioned last week, Cap and Ice hosted a townhall to talk about where we are at and where we are heading along with ample feedback and Q&A from the community. We covered a lot of ground: "value hypothesis for ParJar, Product Market fit, and our growth approach for 2020...performance of two key PAR utility metrics, staking and gas, and how we see growth for each in 2020...questions from the community and reviewed upcoming community initiatives". Click here to catch up on all that happened. GET Protocol’s $GET token was added to ParJar this week. Belated Birthday wishes to Doc Vic from Cuba. Jason lost a 5k $PAR wager with Cap on Victor’s age. Haha. Congratulations to Martha for winning this week’s Parena. As per the latest Fantasy Premier League (#FPL) update shared by LordHades this week, he is still ruling the charts at the top with NovelCloud and Alexis hot on his heels. From next week, "You can now view your first opponent in the 2019/20 FPL Cup on the My Team page - under Leagues". While you slay those miles with the Parachute Running Club (which has done 44 miles so far BTW), here’s a podcast to listen to. Cap’s recommendation: "It's geared towards people building products - but super super useful to think about any products you use. Skip to like 9 minutes in to skip through all the advertiesments ". Yes, I know. Cap wouldn’t be Cap without typos. Typos FTW!
Parachute townhall
Parachute-themed shirts designed by Doc Vic and Alejandro on Doc’s birthday. These are sick!
If you want to see yourself on the Parachute world map, make sure to enter your location here. The entries are anonymous. In this week's Parachute Fantasy Football League update, Hang is in the first position followed by Clinton and Andy. Connor made it to the playoffs and is now in 4th position. So it means farewell to Nilz, Ken, Kamo and Cap from this season. CoD mobile players, don't forget to join the Parachute WarZone hosted by Doc Vic from Cuba. I hear there's $PAR and $AMGO to be won! The TTR Hat Contest ended this week with some solid entries running in the lead. Epic creation Wendell! In this week’s creative prompt by Jason, Parachuters had to “do 3 nice things for a total stranger”. Basically, be a true blue Parachuter 😊. For this week's Two-for-Tuesday, Gian made it free-for-all. No theme. Post music as you wish and win 500 $PAR. Cool! Benjamin and Charlotte hosted trivias in TTR this week. Those were loads of fun! Andy announced the start of a College Football Bowl Game Pickem contest in Parachute. 100k $PAR prize pool. Doc Vic hosted another round of Champions League wager this week in TTR.
So much epicness in one picture. Jose, you are a genius!
Andy's Advent Calendar journey continues
Catch up on the latest aXpire update and 20k AXPR burn here and here respectively. As you would already know, instead of pitting both startups against each other, XIO decided to accept both Opacity and Uptrennd into the incubator program and opened up staking for them. This marks the official launch of the XIO Blockchain Incubator and it’s been a roaring start with USD 7k worth of tokens locked up in one hour and Opacity portal getting oversubscribed in no time. Video instructions for staking can be found here. Read up on the startups here. In three days, the total staking crossed 1M XIO levels. Insane! That is a great metric to measure performance. How does the $XIO token play a role in all this? The crew explained in this tweet thread. And with that a series of related discussions got off starting with the possibility of self-nomination for startups. Have a sub-100 CMC project that you think should be part of the incubator? Don’t forget to tag them. Plus, a cool 25k $XIO giveaway was launched. Remember, meaningful conversation is always welcome at the incubator and more often than not, they get rewarded. Check out the latest update on the Birdchain App SMS feature along with an expanded list of supported countries. Silent Notary reduced the $LAW token requirement for running a Masternode from 100M to 20M this week. Russian research company sudexpa.ru also gave its vote of confidence to Silent Notary in terms of its immutability. Wibson Marketing Manager Fi Scantamburlo attended the Latin American Bitcoin Conference Uruguay to speak on Data privacy, monetisation and how Wibson helps achieve these. Opacity now allows shared file preview for uploaded docs.
Shared File Preview on Opacity
Fantom's foray into the Afghan Ministry of Health's efforts to fight counterfeit drugs and other public health initiatives were covered by Forbes this week. Last week, we shared that Sikoba's e-voting platform, Itugen, which is based on Fantom’s Lachesis consensus was released. This week, they published its technical whitepaper. With so many moving parts in the project and so much happening all around, a recap is always a welcome refresher to catch up. $FTM got listed on South Korea’s Coinone with a $KRW pairing. It was also integrated with the IncognitoChain project’s pDEX with a $pUSDT pairing (remember, Harmony was added to the same platform a few days back?). IncognitoChain allows cryptos to be transacted privately using sidechains including those coins/tokens which are not privacy-oriented. Fantom also launched a developer portal and technical documentation ahead of the XAR Network mainnet release. The interoperability bridge is out as well. This allows both ERC20 and BEP2 token holders to move their tokens to the XAR Network. The wallet allows both staking and delegation. For the guide to joining XAR Network as a validator node, click here. A simple guide to staking on XAR Network can be found here. The team also sat down for an AMA with COTI this week. Blockchain Magazine’s interview of Michael was published. Continuing with Uptrennd’s 24 Days of Celebrations started last week, this week they hosted an Escape Room contest and Photo contest. The latest $1UP tokenomics update can be seen here. After 11 months, the platform now has 50k users across 177 countries. Wowza! And wicked stats on the engagement metrics as well. Jeff’s interview with Crypto Beadles came out this week.
A few entries for the Uptrennd Photo Contest
Click here and here for the latest District Weekly and Dev Update from District0x. In case you missed this week’s Dapp Digest, you can watch it here. Aragon fans will be in for a treat since it features Aragon Co-Founder Luis Cuende as a special guest. Remember, we had discussed last week that the Shuffle Monster Raffle had crossed a 10k $SHUF pool. Turns out it got to 13k+. Wow! The latest Hydro developer update is a comprehensive roundup from the entire ecosystem. VCC Exchange listed $HYDRO with a $BTC pairing. Hydro’s security tokenisation protocol, Hail, moved to mainnet this week. The team travelled to Boston for MassChallenge Fintech. Hydro will be hosting a Banking-as-a-Service happy hour next week to talk on how they are building solutions in the BaaS space. For starters, don’t forget to read their article on blockchain applications in finance. The team appeared for an AMA with Apache Traders which also featured a 45k $HYDRO giveaway. Digital payments platform VoPay is now partnered with Hydro for end-to-end payment solutions using Hydrogen API and other Hydro tools. Hydro’s smart contract was audited by Callisto and passed their test with flying colours except for one "low severity" issue. The result: "The contract can be deployed". CTO Tim Allard was interviewed by Ethereum Network Nigeria as part of their Ethereum personality chat series. For the latest update on the community explorer Frost, click here. In Pynk’s first guest blog post, community member (or, Pynkster) Alistaire Wallace talks about what the coming year could hold for Pynk and its community of predictors. Check out the transcript of Sentivate’s AMA with tehMoonwalkeR here.
Sentivate’s new office in PA is shaping up quite well
This week at OST was all about the Pepo app: from angel investor Kartik to Rocket NFT’s Alex Masmej joining the platform, accelerator The Fledge using Pepo Conversations to power community-sourced improvements to businesses, Home for the Holidays Challenge to explain crypto/blockchain to relatives (with a total USD 2k in Pepo coins in prizes) and a “best lifehack” bounty posted by Jason on the app. If you’ve missed all SelfKey news from the past month, you can catch up from the November progress report. Also, did you know that the group Legion of Doom which was once considered to be the most capable hacking group in the world was in a long drawn feud with Masters of Deception in what is now known as the Great Hacker War? Learn more info like this from SelfKey’s latest article on hacking groups. Constellation CEO Ben Jorgensen will be speaking at the Crypto 2020 Summit. If you’re attending, make sure to say Hi. Arena Match announced a trading competition on DDEX with 4M $AMGO tokens to be won. Lucky Bluff Poker will be sponsoring next week’s Arena Match Raffle. The latest Harmony update compilation from the whole team can be found here. In the latest Pangea statistics (Harmony’s experimental staking game to test the limits of its tech), the average staking position is 1.8M $ONE with 75% of participants operate nodes themselves while the rest use delegates. Plus, check out the newest upgrades here. Honest Mining announced mainnet support for the native $ONE token swap. $ONE is also in consideration for listing on Binance US. The token was listed on Pionex this week. The Intellishare website registration and login functions will be down next week for a scheduled upgrade. Also, $INE traders make sure to keep a note of WBFex temporarily disabling the $ETH trading pair. Jobchain’s $JOB token got listed on Bilaxy exchange, P2PB2B exchange, SWFT Blockchain wallet and SWOP.SPACE exchange. The project was also given an A+ score by Xangle. Congrats!

And with that, it’s a wrap. See you again soon with another weekly update. Bye!
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Check out Part 2 of our first Skycoin Official AMA with Synth

Enjoy Part 2 of 2 of the Skycoin Official AMA with Synth for March, 2018. Part 1 is posted here.
How will skywire stop centralization such as massive skywire node forwarding servers, like with the current internet?
There will be more competition between pools in Skycoin than there is in Bitcoin. If that problem occurs, then we will deal with it, we have strategies and models in place to handle this potential scenario.
How will it stop whales building humongous skyminer pools in massive cities such as New York that will forward all the nodes in that city?
If a whale wants to come in and invest 1 billion dollars, to take control of the internet service for a whole city, then it will only make Skycoin grow faster. If it becomes a problem like what is happening for Bitcoin right now, then we have plans in place to handle the issue.
The miner pools can only be so abusive in Skycoin, because if the pools are too abusive, then other people will switch to smaller pools that give them a better deal.
How do you solve mining for bandwidth? What is to stop an attacker putting two routers next to each other to print money?
This is of the reasons why Skycoin will work and we do not think we have any viable competitors. We know how to solve this problem.
The short answer is that we are not paying users for bandwidth. Users are paying each other. So if you put two routers next to each other in a loop, then you are paying yourself for your own bandwidth! So you are not printing money. It is the same as moving money from one of your wallets, to the other wallet.
Skycoin does not “print money”. There is zero inflation. It is a closed loop economy.
Our mathematical models show that if the network is not running in closed loop, that you can always game the system and eventually botnets will take over all of the rewards.
There is another way we found, which uses a bandwidth credit system and later we can build futures and derivatives markets. Since bandwidth is scarce, but is wasted if not used our algorithm allows a certain amount of fraud (acceptable loss ratio) to be factored in but mathematically guarantees that the fraud stays below a certain threshold. There is a maximum amount or upper bound a node can get away with, before it detected and the other nodes stop working with the node.
Basicly, eventually the nodes have a reputation system and nodes prefer other nodes who follow the rules over nodes that try to engage in bandwidth fraud.
We have a simple working solution for the testnet, then we will start building up the full solution, which will also improve the network performance a lot by directing most of the rewards at trustworthy nodes with a high uptime, lower latency and higher bandwidth capacity. The node reputation system will take a bit of work, but will allow us to do a lot of new thing with QoS and routing.
Since the people using Skywire resources depend on those resources to report what happens to the outside world, how do you stop adversarial actors from defrauding users using information asymmetry between the users and the blockchain? How do you do this without an enormous amount of overhead?
Adversarial actors are a major problem in any system where anything of value is concerned.
If you do not have a solution for fraud, then bots will come in and steal all the money. Imagine you are running a poker site with 100,000 humans on it. Then someone floods the poker site with 1 million bots (who are better at poker than humans). The bots are going to steal all the money from your users and they will leave (because they are only losing now and the game is not balanced anymore).
If you tell people “I will give you money for running this computer program”, there are people who control 15 million computers and they will just run the program on their botnet. All of the money will goto the bots.
Skywire solves the bot problem by a sort of peer-to-peer whitelisting protocol. We do not let people flood the network with bots. Each node maintains a peer list and if you want to peer a human has to add the peer on both ends by hand, so it’s harder for a botnet to come in and try to take over.
People, because they are social, will peer with people they know personally (their own social network or communities). It’s designed so that people with high quality, hand curated peer lists will have a significant advantage over someone who peers with 10 million slow botnet computers, running on laptops running windows XP. Also people who own dedicated hardware will also have much better performance metrics and will be rewarded more than botnet computers.
The overhead for the record keeping is only 2% to 6% of the total bandwidth in the network, depending on how long the sessions are and the specifics. So the overhead is at the same level as for the existing internet.
Why did you use Orange Pi’s, that have their NIC on a USB 2.0 bus, for the hardware in the Skynodes?
Ideally, for security, the NIC should not have DMA (Direct Memory Access). USB 3.0 is a nightmare. USB 2.0 is bad and USB 1.0 is actually better (more secure, but slower).
The NIC drivers or firmware usually have a lot of dangerous security problems.
We are designing a custom PCB and there are several security, cost, design issues that do not have a clear best solution. The NIC is on the USB 2.0 bus, primarily because that is what the chip supports and because of cost.
What is to stop the cable lobbyist and the FCC who have already proven they will go against the will of the people from banning skywire? Couldn't they stop people from getting access to the backhaul and outright outlaw the entire concept? When I asked on the Telegram everyone dismissed the concern and said 'its impossible to stop us, look at the darknet'. And while that is true, for skywire to work don't you need widespread normie adoption? What percentage of people would actually run this if they banned it?
There are many, extremely wealthy and powerful groups that are being squeezed out by the FCC and the internet monopolies. There are some surprising large and powerful players that will support (publicly or clandestinely) any project that gives them some breathing room from the telecom squeeze out.
We want them to try to ban Skywire. That means we are winning.
You have to understand the context of the FCC and the cable companies.
The cable companies were forced to be very aggressive and remove net neutrality and start using mafia extraction tactics against companies like Netflix and Google, because of earnings pressure. The cable companies all have declining revenue because people are using the internet for video and are “cord cutting”. The CEOs and management are desperate to keep their stock prices up and slow down the earnings decline.
The CEOs of the cable companies are under extreme pressure to increase earnings in the short term, but are using tactics that will create a lasting long term backlash. The CEOs will increase earnings, they will see their stock prices go up, they will cash out their options and retire to the Hamptons. The backlash will be the next CEOs problem.
Skywire is global and the FCC only matters in the US. In Europe there is much more diversity in ISPs and you wont see the type of battle and resistance they will put on in the US.
The cable companies are dying. They are the dinosaurs whining and moaning before the meteor impact. Fighting technology innovations like Skywire is part of the process of the demise of these telecom monopolies, but it is not something to worry about.
If they are attacking us, it means we are winning. We will be ready.
Do you have an estimate for when coin hours will have value and be tradable?
We are working on getting the exchange up, but it will need to wait until the testnet. First we will make coinhours tradable, then we will open them up for exchange.
How, in simple terms, do coin hours prevent spam?
The more they spam, the more scarce and expensive the coinhours become. If someone spams or attacks Skycoin, the Skycoin price will actually go up.
Since there are only a finite, scarce number of Skycoin and each Skycoin generates a fixed number of coinhours per hour; then coinhours become scarce and valuable. They put a price on transactions.
An attacker or spammer has to ask “Should I just sell my coinhours for money or should I spam and lose money?”. Eventually the spammer will use up all of his coinhours and then will have to buy them from someone else to keep spamming. Eventually they will even drive the market rate of the coinhours up, until the spamming becomes so expensive that they run out of money or give up.
On telegram you wrote coin hours are meant to be volatile if I'm not mistaken. Will this be a problem in the future?
It depends. By shuffling volatility from Skycoin, to the coin hours it makes Skycoin more valuable as a store of value and as a currency for transactions.
We want people to spend coin hours. If Skycoin is going up everyday 5% a day, why would you spend it? If we priced the bandwidth in Skycoin, the whole network would shutdown because everyone would just be hoarding their Skycoin instead of spending them! That is why we introduced coinhours.
Coinhours solve the problem of hoarding and gives people a currency which they are encouraged to spend. Skycoin is a better store of value because there is no inflation, while coinhours are better for transactions because they have an inflation rate that encourages people to spend them.
The market cap of the Skycoin coinhours could actually be higher than the market cap of Skycoin under some conditions.
Everyone is very excited to see what the price coinhours settle at. People are betting on the market and cannot wait to trade and speculate on the coinhours (either dumping them before they go down to zero, or hoarding them incase they go up 500x). I was surprised at how excited people are about the coinhours.
Are there any more coins launching on skyledger soon you can talk about?
Kittycash.com, mdl.life, SPACO, solarbankers.com, and more...
I have been so busy with Skycoin I cannot even keep up with the new ICOs.
We are opening up the platform now and more people will be launching coins that I could possible keep track of. We should probably have a registry to track the Skyledger ICOs.
Will it be easier to launch coins on skyledger in the future? Any other skyledger updates?
Yes. We have a script now for launching new coins!
In 30 seconds you will be able to: Create your coin Have your ICO software running to collect money Have the coin automatically listed on an internal exchange (instead of waiting 8 months to get listed on some mega exchange) Have mobile, desktop and hardware wallet support Skyledger is getting a rebranding and its own marketing team. We have several flagship coins in development, that will help alot for Skycoin marketing.
Synth mentioned months ago in the telegram chat that Obelisk was still in development, when and how will the algorithm be tested and release? How are the actual transactions validated if obelisk is not the algorithm used?
We have done several simulations. There are several peer reviewed academic research papers published about it. There are open source simulations in the github repo.
The exchanges are worried about us enabling the full consensus algorithm without enough testing. We have to do a lot of testing before we turn everything on.
Currently the exchanges forced us to use a masternode dev check-point system. Over time, we are going to make extensive changes to the node and keep minting on the checkpoint system, while rolling out everything. Then after extensive testing, will roll out everything in stages.
The testing of the new features and stages, needs to be done on a smaller coin (other Skyledger coins) before being rolled out to Skycoin. Skycoin’s market cap is too large and we have to be cautious about bugs and not rolling out new code before its tested.
The dev check-point system is a compromise that allows us to test new consensus algorithms, while protecting the exchanges. If the exchanges lose money from a bug and lose $200,000 in Skycoin then we have to pay them for the lose basicly.
The exchanges are all short-staffed because of massive user base growth. They are taking weeks sometimes to upgrade the Skycoin node version, after we release a new version. We have to carefully coordinate our release and upgrade schedules to minimize exchange downtimes.
The short answer, is; we can roll out everything in a few weeks (if we had to). Everything is tested and ready to go. However, because of the exchanges are overloaded, we have to roll it out carefully in planned stages, with a months notification for any changes.
I think everything will be in place by the end of the year, but the Skywire testnet is taking a lot of development resources, so we will push it back if that means Skywire gets launched faster.
Also, then we are always improving things. So even after it “done”, its not really done. It always need more developers working on it and improving everything. We think “one second transaction are fast enough”, then someone comes in with a video game they want to put on blockchain and suddenly we need 200 ms. The demands are endless.
When all of this work is done, it will also mean that we have the best blockchain platform. So we need to have a marketing event built around this. It may not make sense to do it in the middle of Skywire launch mania, because we can only handle so many things at once.
News like this, we also have to make sure we release it into an upward market, when a lot of people are paying attention to innovations in blockchain technology. It would be wasted if we released big news or features, when people were not paying attention.
What's in store for Skycoin this year?
To many things. Everything. All at once. Its crazy.
We are opening a hardware incubator, which is the most exciting thing for me. I think we will not see the real applications of blockchain until we get blockchain into the physical world.
Where do you see this project in 5 years, where in 10 years? (What is your long term goal?)
We are moving so fast. I could not imagine that we did as much as we have, in such a short time. I cannot even keep up with how many things are in development now.
The goal this year is to demonstrate real world applications of blockchain technology. To bring blockchain to the physical world and make it tangible.
The goal in five years is to make blockchain obsolete and to create what comes after blockchain. We are experimenting with a thing we have started to call the “Fibre”. I do not think innovation will stop at blockchain.
The third generation of coins is going to be post-blockchain and want to be a leader in this area.
How long before I can buy a coffee with Skycoin?
As soon as I buy a coffee shop, lol.
When the community try to bring more people to skycoin, specially those with big money, we have to face the fact that the time locked distribution is not auditable (or it is?) is there any strategy to calm the doubts about the distribution method (the developers hold the majority of the coins/ are the only ones able to mint coins)
One of the advantages of blockchain is that all of the transaction are public. So the distribution schedule is auditable. Skycoin’s distribution is completely public. The distribution addresses are also public. So it is very transparent.
There is an api endpoint here with the distribution addresses and information updated in real time https://explorer.skycoin.net//api/coinSupply
In your blogs you are talking about the possibility of a ninja announcement that burns 80% tokens. That means it will be only 20 mil sky. So, in which circumstances devs would do that?
If we can find a closed loop, economic model for Skywire, that does not require a 15 or 20 year distribution period. Then we will burn the coins. Then the distribution would be capped at 30 million instead of 100 million.
Right now, we need the coins held aside for infrastructure investment, to grow the network and maintain the project.
There are some future components, that could eliminate the need for infrastructure fund and enable the network to be self-financing. Even if we get these components in place, what it means is that the infrastructructure fund will just allow us to grow even faster! So we might still not burn the coins.
You cannot underestimate what it will mean if we are investing 100 million dollars a year of coins into growth. This is the fuel that drives the growth of the ecosystem, so it does not make sense to “burn” the fuel. If there are more projects we can invest in, to grow faster, then we should do that.
In your opinion, what is the best exchange for buying Skycoin right now, and why? And on what other exchanges will Skycoin be listed, and when?
C2CX is good. Cryptopia is also good but withdrawals are slow.
We will be listed on larger exchanges this year, but cannot give details. We signed contracts but the exchanges grew from 1 million users to 8 million users in a few months, so their technical teams are overloaded. Listing a new coin can take 6 months after signing the agreement now. We are doing all we can to expedite the process.
Will the Kittycash platform be advertised across cat loving forums and the like?
What will the value of legendary kittys be in 2019?
People are spending 1 or 2 Bitcoin per legendary kitty now. Kitty Cash had to stop selling legendary kitties, because fifty people were trying to buy each kitty and too many people were trying to buy them at once.
When will SKY be listed on new exchanges?
We were listed on four new exchanges this month. Wolfcrypto, Next, and two other exchanges. I cannot even keep track of it.
We signed contracts with the largest exchanges, but are still waiting for technical integration and we signed contracts not to disclosure information about specific exchange listings.
The exchanges are very overloaded right now, with technical problems from user growth and also from hundreds of coin ICOs that all want to be listed at once. Millions of people per month are registering on the Bitcoin exchanges now and the exchanges are overloaded. It can be a six month waiting list for listing now, after contracts have been signed, so we are just waiting at this point. However, big exchanges are coming soon.
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/r/Austria Drilldown June 2015 - in diesen Subs treiben sich die Nutzer aus /r/Austria auch noch rum

Für diejenigen, die es nicht kennen: Ein "Drilldown" schaut sich die Benutzer eines Subs an und guckt, in welchen anderen Subs diese Nutzer sich auch noch rumtreiben. Weitere Details gibt es in /SubredditAnalysis, etwas tiefere Details im github des entsprechenden bots.

/austria Drilldown

Subreddit Similarity
/wien 0.24808
/europe 0.13608
/trees 0.06822
/soccer 0.04325
/pcmasterrace 0.03696
Of 1868 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/europe 453
/wien 390
/trees 216
/soccer 210
/pcmasterrace 210
/de 204
/Games 202
/Android 190
/leagueoflegends 186
/4chan 175
/cringepics 171
/woahdude 170
/MapPorn 163
/HistoryPorn 156
/thebutton 147
/AskHistorians 143
/polandball 141
/reactiongifs 140
/circlejerk 134
/sex 132
/germany 131
/gameofthrones 131
/GlobalOffensive 131
/travel 130
/interestingasfuck 124
/Minecraft 124
/buildapc 123
/ImGoingToHellForThis 122
/JusticePorn 118
/cringe 115
/Unexpected 114
/techsupport 114
/AskMen 110
/hearthstone 109
/Steam 109
/tipofmytongue 108
/mildlyinfuriating 105
/DotA2 102
/malefashionadvice 101
/linux 101
/Bitcoin 100
/TumblrInAction 98
/CrappyDesign 98
/TrueReddit 96
/facepalm 88
/apple 87
/dayz 87
/changemyview 86
/OutOfTheLoop 86
/wow 86
/oddlysatisfying 85
/SubredditDrama 84
/gonewild 84
/relationships 84
/cats 82
/de_IAmA 81
/FoodPorn 81
/AskWomen 80
/casualiama 80
/starcraft 80
/shittyaskscience 79
/conspiracy 79
/photography 78
/YouShouldKnow 78
/promos 78
/skyrim 78
/German 77
/firstworldanarchists 77
/millionairemakers 77
/sweden 76
/talesfromtechsupport 76
/geek 75
/breakingbad 75
/StarWars 74
/asoiaf 73
/worldpolitics 72
/reddit.com 72
/nsfw 72
/KerbalSpaceProgram 69
/MorbidReality 69
/whatisthisthing 68
/Frugal 68
/formula1 68
/bicycling 68
/self 67
/CitiesSkylines 67
/thatHappened 66
/CasualConversation 66
/thenetherlands 64
/NoStupidQuestions 64
/pokemon 63
/Drugs 62
/electronicmusic 62
/civ 62
/GrandTheftAutoV 61
/Cooking 60
/DoesAnybodyElse 60
/comics 60
/Whatcouldgowrong 59
/Diablo 59
/itookapicture 59
/unitedkingdom 58
/sysadmin 58
/PS4 58
/motorcycles 58
/fatpeoplehate 58
/learnprogramming 57
/hiphopheads 57
/offbeat 56
/CrazyIdeas 56
/cars 56
/rage 56
/russia 55
/gamedev 55
/lifehacks 54
/iphone 54
/anime 54
/scifi 53
/nfl 53
/dogecoin 53
/BlackPeopleTwitter 53
/kreiswichs 52
/AskEurope 52
/minimalism 52
/secretsanta 52
/GameDeals 52
/Tinder 52
/running 52
/youtubehaiku 52
/CityPorn 51
/pcgaming 50
/truegaming 50
/me_irl 49
/ProgrammerHumor 49
/firstworldproblems 49
/raspberry_pi 49
/hockey 49
/TopGear 49
/france 49
/Metal 48
/FragReddit 48
/wikipedia 47
/vexillology 47
/Economics 47
/battlefield_4 47
/Guildwars2 47
/depression 47
/shittyfoodporn 47
/canada 47
/deutschland 46
/startrek 46
/techsupportgore 46
/fatlogic 46
/math 46
/linguistics 46
/thewalkingdead 46
/battlestations 46
/oculus 45
/tattoos 45
/IWantOut 45
/languagelearning 44
/IWantToLearn 44
/Cynicalbrit 44
/doctorwho 44
/gentlemanboners 44
/ShitAmericansSay 43
/heroesofthestorm 43
/offmychest 43
/aviation 43
/oneplus 43
/google 43
/teenagers 43
/nonononoyes 42
/loseit 42
/australia 42
/writing 42
/Eve 42
/tf2 42
/iamverysmart 41
/webdev 41
/AndroidQuestions 41
/TheLastAirbender 41
/amiugly 41
/hungary 40
/windowsphone 40
/ANormalDayInRussia 40
/Fallout 40
/MilitaryPorn 40
/web_design 40
/FiftyFifty 40
/NoFap 40
/AbandonedPorn 40
/MensRights 39
/WeAreTheMusicMakers 39
/holdmybeer 39
/picrequests 39
/punchablefaces 38
/india 38
/TrollXChromosomes 38
/TrueAskReddit 38
/investing 38
/RoomPorn 38
/TalesFromRetail 38
/magicTCG 38
/southpark 38
/islam 37
/UkrainianConflict 37
/netsec 37
/Design 37
/worldcup 36
/patientgamers 36
/humor 36
/betterCallSaul 36
/everymanshouldknow 36
/confession 36
/jailbreak 36
/Damnthatsinteresting 36
/rocketbeans 36
/AnimalsBeingJerks 36
/Entrepreneur 36
/trashy 36
/paradoxplaza 35
/nononono 35
/environment 35
/Meditation 35
/seduction 35
/RealGirls 35
/diablo3 35
/lego 35
/battlefield3 35
/Pareidolia 35
/EatCheapAndHealthy 35
/japan 35
/montageparodies 35
/wheredidthesodago 35
/Guitar 35
/RandomActsOfGaming 34
/italy 34
/Justrolledintotheshop 34
/socialskills 34
/london 34
/business 34
/nba 34
/MechanicalKeyboards 34
/shutupandtakemymoney 34
/skeptic 33
/LucidDreaming 33
/findareddit 33
/theydidthemath 33
/androidapps 33
/relationship_advice 33
/wallpapers 33
/masseffect 33
/Libertarian 33
/SteamGameSwap 33
/countrychallenge 32
/KotakuInAction 32
/tech 32
/pettyrevenge 32
/justneckbeardthings 32
/stopsmoking 32
/fatpeoplestories 32
/CampingandHiking 32
/PerfectTiming 32
/quityourbullshit 31
/GrandTheftAutoV_PC 31
/HumanPorn 31
/Physics 31
/bodyweightfitness 31
/answers 31
/PropagandaPosters 31
/TheRedPill 31
/graz 30
/skiing 30
/h1z1 30
/progresspics 30
/Python 30
/solotravel 30
/youtube 30
/Coffee 30
/xboxone 30
/beer 30
/BuyItForLife 30
/gardening 30
/LANL_German 30
/CombatFootage 30
/childfree 30
/community 30
/wiiu 30
/getdisciplined 30
/drunk 30
/Israel 30
/syriancivilwar 30
/Feminism 29
/EDC 29
/netflix 29
/FanTheories 29
/Twitch 29
/Nexus5 29
/ArtisanVideos 29
/boardgames 29
/smashbros 29
/LearnUselessTalents 29
/eu4 29
/vinyl 29
/keto 29
/comicbooks 29
/AMA 29
/VillagePorn 29
/watchpeopledie 29
/Denmark 29
/SuggestALaptop 29
/linux4noobs 28
/lewronggeneration 28
/notinteresting 28
/ireland 28
/arma 28
/starcitizen 28
/AskScienceFiction 28
/HouseOfCards 28
/toosoon 28
/windows 28
/harrypotter 28
/Cyberpunk 28
/backpacking 28
/summonerschool 28
/chemistry 28
/outside 28
/DnB 28
/makemychoice 28
/Switzerland 28
/Ingress 27
/Frisson 27
/translator 27
/Health 27
/beards 27
/nyc 27
/Linz 27
/OnePiece 27
/nexus4 27
/european 27
/photocritique 27
/OkCupid 27
/Rateme 27
/badhistory 27
/instant_regret 27
/GamePhysics 27
/dadjokes 27
/chrome 27
/DnD 27
/vegan 27
/startups 27
/DestinyTheGame 27
/nocontext 27
/Amsterdam 26
/eurovision 26
/Watches 26
/AustrianSports 26
/futurama 26
/electronic_cigarette 26
/EliteDangerous 26
/malehairadvice 26
/Anarchism 26
/spaceporn 26
/elderscrollsonline 26
/headphones 26
/lgbt 25
/delusionalartists 25
/GTAV 25
/compsci 25
/duolingo 25
/redditgetsdrawn 25
/privacy 25
/InfrastructurePorn 25
/recipes 25
/woodworking 25
/manga 25
/gamingsuggestions 25
/snowboarding 25
/Advice 25
/csgobetting 25
/olympics 25
/popping 25
/3DS 25
/classicalmusic 25
/bindingofisaac 25
/Filmmakers 25
/DeepIntoYouTube 25
/darksouls 25
/pathofexile 24
/WebGames 24
/mac 24
/Warthunder 24
/Scotland 24
/standupshots 24
/rpg 24
/architecture 24
/Astronomy 24
/Jazz 24
/gamernews 24
/Christianity 24
/AskSocialScience 24
/ForeverAlone 24
/DarkSouls2 24
/SampleSize 24
/twitchplayspokemon 24
/AlienBlue 24
/bodybuilding 24
/zelda 24
/MMA 24
/PublicFreakout 24
/blunderyears 24
/gif 24
/CrusaderKings 24
/FIFA 24
/britishproblems 24
/perfectloops 24
/DesignPorn 23
/educationalgifs 23
/Shitty_Car_Mods 23
/urbanexploration 23
/Munich 23
/climbing 23
/NetflixBestOf 23
/nostalgia 23
/PoliticalDiscussion 23
/paydaytheheist 23
/analog 23
/berlin 23
/Foodforthought 23
/carporn 23
/baseball 23
/Marvel 23
/Parenting 23
/tall 23
/SuicideWatch 23
/PenmanshipPorn 22
/BitcoinMarkets 22
/softwaregore 22
/engineering 22
/AskEngineers 22
/Banished 22
/TheSimpsons 22
/SimCity 22
/tumblr 22
/economy 22
/croatia 22
/UnexpectedThugLife 22
/applehelp 22
/MTB 22
/Psychonaut 22
/Roadcam 22
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 22
/asmr 22
/China 22
/MakeupAddiction 22
/nintendo 22
/Enhancement 22
/creepyPMs 22
/redditrequest 21
/Turkey 21
/im14andthisisdeep 21
/socialism 21
/QuotesPorn 21
/ipad 21
/guns 21
/InteriorDesign 21
/arduino 21
/wowthissubexists 21
/misleadingthumbnails 21
/IndieGaming 21
/snackexchange 21
/EngineeringPorn 21
/wicked_edge 21
/behindthegifs 21
/psychology 21
/cableporn 21
/Planetside 21
/dubstep 21
/entertainment 21
/Gore 21
/audiophile 21
/mindcrack 21
/chemicalreactiongifs 21
/hardware 21
/EverythingScience 21
/PhotoshopRequest 21
/starbound 20
/Romania 20
/Anarcho_Capitalism 20
/AskElectronics 20
/IdiotsFightingThings 20
/PS3 20
/wallpaper 20
/TrueAtheism 20
/ifyoulikeblank 20
/PandR 20
/somethingimade 20
/graphic_design 20
/feedthebeast 20
/java 20
/DarkNetMarkets 20
/cscareerquestions 20
/quotes 20
/AnimalsBeingBros 20
/poland 20
/gainit 20
/thalassophobia 20
/Aquariums 20
/Autos 20
/Dota2Trade 20
/WorldofTanks 20
/memes 20
/germusic 19
/CGPGrey 19
/explainlikeIAmA 19
/conspiratard 19
/jobs 19
/mountandblade 19
/Military 19
/Piracy 19
/malelivingspace 19
/javascript 19
/youdontsurf 19
/audioengineering 19
/ShitRedditSays 19
/halo 19
/hacking 19
/ainbow 19
/AmISexy 19
/r4r 19
/Chromecast 19
/ArchitecturePorn 19
/suggestmeabook 19
/witcher 19
/ExpectationVsReality 19
/SquaredCircle 19
/Surface 19
/futurebeats 19
/firefox 19
/ukpolitics 19
/howto 19
/Naruto 19
/skyrimmods 19
/lotr 19
/beerwithaview 18
/linuxquestions 18
/learnpython 18
/ArcherFX 18
/greece 18
/opensource 18
/awesome 18
/TheBluePill 18
/ILiveIn 18
/trackers 18
/nameaserver 18
/Glitch_in_the_Matrix 18
/ClashOfClans 18
/Xcom 18
/androiddev 18
/AskCulinary 18
/TheoryOfReddit 18
/Dexter 18
/whowouldwin 18
/gopro 18
/biology 18
/Ubuntu 18
/Buddhism 18
/2007scape 18
/KarmaConspiracy 18
/GlobalOffensiveTrade 18
/penpals 18
/MLS 18
/football 18
/ContagiousLaughter 18
/edmproduction 18
/unexpectedjihad 18
/MachinePorn 18
/assassinscreed 18
/ScenesFromAHat 17
/CringeAnarchy 17
/AskDocs 17
/fullmoviesonyoutube 17
/torrents 17
/TrueFilm 17
/belgium 17
/trap 17
/OSHA 17
/GTA 17
/adventuretime 17
/horror 17
/whatsthisbug 17
/Homebrewing 17
/SandersForPresident 17
/microsoft 17
/UniversityofReddit 17
/dragonage 17
/Sneakers 17
/madmen 17
/ProtectAndServe 17
/portugal 17
/shittyadvice 17
/CompetitiveHS 17
/PrettyGirls 17
/Cricket 17
/Celebs 17
/Metalcore 17
/DecidingToBeBetter 17
/osx 17
/archlinux 17
/linux_gaming 17
/legaladvice 17
/Marijuana 17
/ShouldIbuythisgame 17
/Iceland 17
/nutrition 17
/SkincareAddiction 17
/Infographics 17
/cirkeltrek 16
/CFB 16
/poker 16
/iran 16
/hiking 16
/Norway 16
/Yogscast 16
/simpleliving 16
/EngineeringStudents 16
/fcbayern 16
/kickstarter 16
/forhire 16
/xbmc 16
/AndroidGaming 16
/Cinemagraphs 16
/gaybros 16
/fantasyfootball 16
/totalwar 16
/xkcd 16
/Battlefield 16
/Favors 16
/Animesuggest 16
/castles 16
/needadvice 16
/techsupportmacgyver 16
/Smite 16
/runescape 16
/Wordpress 16
/collapse 16
/rickandmorty 16
/buildapcforme 16
/classic4chan 16
/HailCorporate 16
/reddevils 16
/shittyama 16
/Nexus7 16
/medicine 16
/tolkienfans 16
/happy 16
/CatsStandingUp 16
/newzealand 16
/thesims 16
/rugbyunion 16
/Beatmatch 16
/Awwducational 16
/Gunners 16
/mashups 16
/circlebroke 16
/streetwear 16
/blender 15
/unixporn 15
/help 15
/dogemarket 15
/geopolitics 15
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/UnresolvedMysteries 15
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/shittyreactiongifs 15
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/freebies 15
/see 15
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/PickAnAndroidForMe 15
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/MetalMemes 15
/AdPorn 15
/beermoney 15
/HomeworkHelp 15
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/webcomics 15
/speedrun 15
/WarshipPorn 15
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/bicycletouring 15
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/Eyebleach 15
/Bass 15
/INTP 15
/forwardsfromgrandma 15
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/GifSound 15
/drums 15
/pakistan 15
/French 15
/chess 15
/LadyBoners 15
/firefly 15
/kindle 15
/introvert 15
/video 15
/de_IT 15
/CodAW 15
/titanfall 15
/DunderMifflin 15
/homeland 14
/typography 14
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[WTB] Offer 3 bitcoin for help with configuration of catalyst/ apache2/ssl

I am finished installing https://github.com/hippich/Bitcoin-Poker-Room but got stuck. The installation went through and the server starts but i cannot figure out the right virtual host configuration for SSL. PM me if interested.
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Doge Linux Nerds Help

Would it be possible to use this source with dogecoin and would it take a lot of editing? https://github.com/hippich/Bitcoin-Poker-Room
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World's Most Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick & KnowBe4's Stu ... Dj arrested after not getting paid. Cool judge! - YouTube Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - YouTube Kristin og Dennis - YouTube 10 Biggest Fails of the Most Famous Companies - YouTube

Sources for Bitcoin Poker Room. Contribute to hippich/Bitcoin-Poker-Room development by creating an account on GitHub. This is also the first poker room that returns 100% of the rake back to players in various shapes and forms. Seeing what’s on the table makes it obvious that the combination of the stablecoin USDT as an in-game currency and CHP as a bonusing fuel is set for a long term success which is a must to take advantage of as a player. Best time to join is now. USDT will become the official CoinPoker ... Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. [email protected]:~/Python/Bitcoin-Poker-Room$ ./script/room_server.pl -r -f I want to set this up and play around with it. I followed the instructions but for ... A place where poker fans can play with their friends for free. This poker room is an open source project.. April 11th, 2012 site was hacked. More details here - https ...

[index] [532] [46160] [29595] [11233] [14067] [11044] [39945] [29456] [40753] [4043]

World's Most Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick & KnowBe4's Stu ...

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Judge fights in court! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxtXaV26wnk Everything YOU need to know about the new Sony Playstation 5 vs Microsoft's new Xbox 2 aka infinite aka scarlet. From these epic, video game console wars, wh... Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :) Get your first month of KiwiCo for FREE!!! https://www.kiwico.com... BRAIN TIME https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 It's no secret that even the biggest, coolest companies can epically fail. Well, firstly, we are all human, and secondly, ...