Central Bankers Explore Response to Bitcoin: Their Own ...

WSJ: Central Bankers Explore Response To Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash

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WSJ: Central Bankers Explore Response To Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash

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Central Bankers Explore Response to Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash

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WSJ: Central Bankers Explore Response To Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Central Bankers Explore Response to Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash /r/worldnews

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What was the Hypocrisy behind the Russia Probe?...could it be linked to Cryptocurrencies?

(First posted on July 9th 2019 on Tumblr, which caused my account to be classified as presenting explicit material...a nice way of saying suspended)
Consider all through this article that I am expressing a personal theory...Consider that both the Special Councils Office, and Counsel Mueller himself, and the Federal Reserve may be in Breach of Federal Law to have plotted to interfere with the sound Integrity of the US Currency, a Federal Crime.
What the Mueller probe should have exposed were the political strategies from Western World Central Banks to Institutionalize Cryptocurrency and take, at least, partial control of these through some form of Banking regulations. But it did not, what it did is assist in a Bitcoin bear market and stall for time in order to give the chance at Facebook to present the Libra.
It’s no secret that Jewish persons head and control all of the Western world central banks (Recent exception appears to be Christine Lagarde, New head of the European Central Bank who appears to be partially Christian). Yet, the Bitcoin is not controlled by Jewish interests, while most Western Currencies, through the directional leadership of Jewish owned and lead financial Institutions and through central banking, are.
Now, wall street banking institutions have a taste for crypto-currencies all right, and there lies the core of the “Russia” probe motivations, according to my opinion.
Donald Trump sold a condo in NY in 2013 for 24,700 Bitcoins. Here is the story (click here, NY DailyNews). Effectively, the condo was selling only in Bitcoins, no cash offer accepted. It appears to be the first official registered real estate transaction done in Bitcoins. At the top of the Bitcoin value (19,700 USD per Bitcoins in 2017), Donald’s position was valued at close to half a billion dollars. But this could be considered pocket money, since it is estimated that the greatest holder of Bitcoins is our dear “pal” Valdimir (Putin) himself. “Experts” estimate that "Vlad’s" position in the Bitcoin is close to 500,000 units, which would have put his net worth in Bitcoins close to 10 Billions USD at the top of the Bitcoin bull rally.
Now, you may not remember well, but at the end of 2017, at the peak of the Bitcoin fever, many central Bankers expressed the “need” for virtual money, and they dispelled the fraudulent nature of virtual money explaining that: “Well, while some transaction may serve organized crime, we believe that virtual currencies may serve a useful purpose in finance…”. Even Canada’s central bank Governor, Stephen Poloz supported openly this view: "Bank staff are exploring the circumstances under which it might be appropriate for the central bank to issue its own digital currency for retail transactions.” . The thing is that they were trying to bring the focus away from the Bitcoin (which they exposed as a gambling tool and a criminal currency) and towards other Cryptocurrencies.
Now, Donald Trump is not the only Washington DC person with a big position on the Bitcoin, it is believed that most high ranking DC politicians all have important positions in this currency.
I requested from the Justice Department, and from the FBI, and even the Mueller Investigation, that all Members of Congress and the White House divulge their position in the Bitcoin…naturally, being a nobody, I never even got a acknowledgement of receipt (and they will explain it is not under their authority...yet, do you believe I would have gotten another kind of response from the White House or Congress?). Yet, my request is strongly tied to National Security. Why? Because the sound value of the US currency is central to stability of the country, a stability that a Virtual Currency supremacy could threaten. A consideration presented with "zeal" by Fed Chief Powell this past July 10 in his testimony to Congress. In fact, politically, it is the biggest threat to all Western Democracies. (good reading here: Facebook's Libra Project Is Getting Hammered From All Sides, With Fed Chair Raising 'Serious Concerns')
But when you read the precedent article, you have to know how high finance is patient and plans way ahead. While the Chief of all central banks want to show they are prudent, it is clear they are negotiating a foot in the door of Facebook, a foot they should never set. Central Bank should not get into cryptocurrencies, and that is it, because anything they will do with it, they won't be able to mitigate the illegitimate use of it.
Further, in terms of security, these Bitcoin mining farms growing all over the US are a covert operation which has nothing to do with “mining Bitcoins”.
For those not familiar with the subject, many Americans (Canadians also), especially in rural areas, and in states and provinces where electricity is cheap, create Bitcoin mining farms. What does this consist of? Well, you need to purchase a small specialized computer (Bitmains are the most popular, about 500US) which you connect to the internet, and the electric grid and you don’t have to do nothing else, it is all controlled by China (the manufacturer of Bitmains)…it supposedly searches for fractions of Bitcoins called Satochies (1/100,000,000 of a Bitcoin), a bit like a treasure hunt. The Bitmain promoters argue they are plenty of Satochies indexed everywhere on the internet which belong to no one. Bitmains pretend finding them and putting a virtual Klondike on them.
When you participate in this activity, you are part of a kind of Chinese “coop”, which registers any Satochies your device may find, put them in a pot, and then you receive a pro-rata of the total Bitcoins found every month based on your number of Bitmains devices.
The thing is, that if you do the math, this endeavor cannot be profitable, yet everybody involved explains they are making tons of money. A Bitmain costs about 500USD and costs about 500USD in electricity to run per year @12cents/Kwh. They run 24/7 all year long..
Now considering that there is a limited fixed float of Bitcoins, 26,000,000; this would mean that to be profitable, when the bitcoin was valued at 1,000 USD, and there were around 4 million estimated Bitmains, and the likes, worldwide in 2016 (2,5 millions in the USA), you would have needed to find the equivalent of 30% of the currency float lost somewhere on the internet, with no apparent owner…make me laugh.
The real job of these computers is to launder money worldwide. It is estimated that between 100 and 300 Billion dollars are laundered worldwide on a daily basis. It appears that the Bitmains and similar devices are acquiring the principal share of this market. And the money Bitmain owners receive is for laundering money.
China is believed to be the greatest trader of Bitcoins, while Russia is believe to be where the biggest amount of Bitcoins are owned…No wonder Canadian banks and the Central Bank of Canada want to get in this business, they are losing market share in Money Laundering to the Bitcoin. Canada is the world Mecca of institutionalized money laundering through its 6 big large Chartered Banks plus the Mouvement des Caisses Desjardins).
As a reference, from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Global News, HuffPost.ca, BetterDwelling.ca:
· Ottawa's secret report on money-laundering points finger at Canada's banks
· Canada’s doors are ‘wide open’ for criminals to launder money in real estate: report
· Why Canada Stands Out As A Money Laundering Haven
· Canada Would Be In A Recession Without Money Laundering
· Weak rules have made Canada a magnet for money laundering: Don Pittis
From the CDC Howe Institute (Famed Canadian Think-tank, and From the British Columbia Attorney General's Office and Bank of Canada:
Why we fail to catch money launderers 99.9% of the time, May 7 2019
British Columbia AG Officer releases report on Money Laundering
Discussion Paper staff Bank of Canada On Cryptocurrencies
Bank of Canada to review Facebook's cryptocurrency white paper 'very carefully
Further, the estimated 2,5 million Bitmains unit in the US could serve to hack America as a whole, starting with the electric grid.
Arrogantly, Bitcoin “experts” on Wall Street have expressed, last year, that while the Bitcoin had fallen from its highs, it was only temporary, and that they projected the Bitcoin to surge back up and reach the value of 100,000 USD per untit by the end of 2020, and 1,000,000USD by the end of 2024.
While this appears ridicule to the naive mind, Wall Street’s arrogance and power are real, and if the Jewish financial interests from Wall Street need a 1,000,000 USD Bitcoin or other virtual currency to perpetuate their financial Coup d’État on the planet, they will get it.
As you have noticed, since the Mueller report has been closed, the Bitcoins which had been on a tear, suddenly reversed course, and it has gone up 400% from its lows in a few months. Since the end of the Mueller Investigation, Trump’s estimated gain with the Bitcoin is 250 Million USD.
Interestingly, the Mueller report ending coincides with the creation of Facebook’s Libra, a direct competitor of the Bitcoin, at least this is what is hoped…hum…interesting..a fully privately owned and controlled by Jewish financial and power interest cryptocurrency. They should have called it the Ziona…
Now, a 1,000,000USD per Bitcoin value means that the float of the Bitcoin would be close to the value of Worldwide M3 Money Supply. If you control the Bitcoin, or probably its replacement, the Libra, you control the Planet’s economy…
Interestingly, while I am not an important person at all, I had published 3 paragraphs on this observation in 2017 in an article, on my wordpress blog, concerning ethics and the white house. I had also 2 paragraphs on Papadopoulos (a Jew of Greek origin), the shamed White House staffer imprisoned for lying to the FBI. Papadopoulos, as I explained in my blog, had a plan where is was trying to convince Washington DC to take a US Navy Flotilla in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, between Cyprus and Israel, to allow Israel to take property (to loot) an underwater gas reserves which belong officially to Cyprus (International Tribunals twice determined that the reserves were 80% Cyprian, and 20% Israelite), but that Israel is trying to claim for itself. This is the open subject of white papers published by Think-tanks from Washington DC.
Well, my 3 paragraphs on the Bitcoin and 2 paragraphs on Papadopoulos were magically erased. It is funny because my Wordpress blog was not accessible anyway, because it was never indexed by Google.
So, could it be that the Mueller report was mainly a strategy to intimidate market makers for the Bitcoins, while the Wall Street Establishment and Central Bankers awaited Facebook's announcement on the Libra. Remember that every time the Libra market announcement was postponed, so was the deposed date for the Mueller report.
And effectively, the Libra, if the Central bankers get their way, will bury the Bitcoin in oblivion within 8 to 10 years...but for the worst of our Democracies. Cryptocurrencies announce the End of the Nation States.
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Crypto Basics Part 2: Central Banks Are Joining The Cryptocurrency Party. Are They Welcome? 1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression - YouTube BITCOIN ATM OPENS IN HONG KONG - Get your Bitcoin in cash: World's second Bitcoin ATM Can the US dollar be replaced by a central bank-supported digital currency? How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio - YouTube

Central bankers worldwide can already see the end of their exploitation coming thanks to cryptocurrencies. The head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Agustín Carstens, now wants programmers to stop trying to create money:. In an interview with a Basel-based media outlet on June 30, Agustín Carstens took aim at cryptocurrencies and reiterated his belief that they represent “a ... Bitcoin price will probably rally further if this ... Destiny - Motivational Video; Something Snaps In China As Bitcoin Takes Out Stop... Central Bankers Explore Response to Bitcoin: Their... Will Bitcoin Price Reach $1 Million U.S. Dollars? ... Oil settles under $37 for first time since the rec... Nut Brother, l’artista che cattura lo smog ... Central Bankers Explore Response to Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash. Banks are considering their own forms are electronic money. By Ryan Tracy. Source: WSJ. The rise of bitcoin has central bankers around the world studying the possibility of issuing virtual money backed by the government itself. A shift in that direction could cut costs across the payment system and give authorities more ... Central Bankers Explore Response to Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash Transformation could cut costs while raising security concerns A bitcoin sign on display at a bar in Sydney. Central Bankers Explore Response to Bitcoin: Their Own Digital Cash; Transformation could cut costs while raising security concerns By Ryan Tracy The rise of bitcoin has central bankers around the world studying the possibility of issuing virtual money backed by the government itself. A shift in that direction could cut costs across the payment system and give authorities more control over ...

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Crypto Basics Part 2: Central Banks Are Joining The Cryptocurrency Party. Are They Welcome?

Banks are a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. We all kind of know that they do stuff with money we don’t understand, while the last crisis left a feeling of de... This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own ... However these discussions by central bankers need to be taken with a grain of salt since there is a giant gulf between the desires of the financial technocrats in a currency and the technical ... If you feel like donating fiat via Paypal, Bitcoin, Gold Money, or mailing us some physical gold or silver, Wall St for Main St accepts one time donations on our main website. Donate Crypto ... Economics 101 -- "How the Economic Machine Works." Created by Ray Dalio this simple but not simplistic and easy to follow 30 minute, animated video answers t...